Chat Rooms

So Chat rooms have been very interesting. They are not exactly what I thought they would be. So these classes are for the younger kids who can’t do phonics yet. We have a No Chinese rule in all classes which gets difficult in these classes. The kids are young and range in ability, some are great. I have two boys Dicky and Henry who can understand clearly and Dicky in particular can speak a lot. I see those two most days of the week, we are after all cheap child care. 

HK Disney


Once you have taken the appropriate amount of photo’s with your friends and the must have ‘Selfie’, it’s time to head into the park. Where you will find a smaller version of Florida. Now remember we are in Hong Kong so things will be very different. There is no animal kingdom nor Epcot. But there are different and smaller versions of these.

HK Disney _007 HK Disney _008




I’m going into my second full month of teacher now and Summer Intensive is about to begin. This means that my off days are going to change as well, from Monday to a Thursday for the next 7 weeks. That’s going to be hard to get used to. I’ve enjoyed my two consecutive days off.