Halloween in Hong Kong

I LOVE Halloween! It’s been my favourite ‘holiday’ since I was a child. We don’t really celebrate All Hallows Eve back home, but every other year someone would have a dress up party.


Growing up I had a best friend Marieke, she re-immigrated to Namibia at the wee little age of 8. Thankfully she brought the air of Halloween with her and organised a few parties over the years. Her parents were pretty awesome about having a group of random kiddies spooking up their house and yard.

So of course growing I always loved the spooky and the supernatural. After moving to South Africa I was super excited to get to do more for Halloween, unfortunately this did not actually happen. Some clubs have parties for, but in general it is just an excuse for some girls to dress skankier than usual and everyone thinks an alice-band of bunny ears makes a costume. 

You can imagine that the idea of moving to HK and hopefully having somewhere that enjoys Halloween even a little more than Africa does, was extremely exciting. I was both disappointed and not disappointed. 

Hong Kong definitely enjoys dressing up and all the fun decorations for Halloween. But its not always very easy to find parties. We had20151012_151828 decided that what ever we did it would entail getting all
dressed up.We saw the shops start putting up deco and then start selling deco. It was really fun to watch the stores slowly get ready for the final week of hectic shopping before Halloween. I found two small shops selling lots of awesome stuff, my sister Lu would have loved the stores! Every time I was shopping all I thought of was buying the stuff for her but then practicality set in 20151012_152347and I remembered how difficult it is to get stuff home. Thankfully!

A few malls also had some Halloween fun, we tried to go to a ‘Horror Tunnel’ and stood in line for about 2 hours but then decided it was too long.

Also it had large play spiders which were like creatures from my worst nightmares, so I must admit to being glad that we didnt have to walk through and under them.

IMG-20151021-WA0002 S and I went shopping and found this cool shop near us th20151019_214252at sold ton20151019_214300s and tons of costumes.  I really do mean tons. They also sold fake blood,teeth, masks, capes,wings etc. Basically anything you could want for a great costume. We may have spent more money there than what we had intended, oooops!


All Hallows Eve:

I had to work today, which really sucked but I must say seeing the kids get dressed up for the past few days was pretty fun. I got home around half six and decided to chill, then chill some more and oops a little more, hehe…. We helped A with her outfit and then I finally decided what was going to wear.

IMG-20151101-WA0098       IMG-20151101-WA0093

MT IMG-20151101-WA0010had a party at Red bar, well I say party loosely. We pretty much had to supply our own booze and food and well everything. S and I decided to go because Emma had asked me to so I wanted to see her in her
costume and we wanted to support our new roomie A. So off we went through Mong kok, apparently causing quite a stir as very few people had dressed up on our side. by the time we hit the MTR and got to about TST there were a few other costumed people about. Finding Red Bar was a mission! We then only stayed for like 20 minutes before boredom took hold. We walked really fast for the MTR because we wanted to make to Wan Chai before the trains stopped.

Wan Chai was great! Unfortunately the guys got drunk and gross and so we didn’t stay too late. We ended up leaving at about 3am where we found our roomie needing to get home. Luckily for her friends we were headed home so we found a green bus that went to Mong Kok and S was on stop duty while I was on waking A duty.

  IMG-20151101-WA0084 IMG-20151101-WA0037 IMG-20151101-WA0082  IMG-20151101-WA0043   IMG-20151101-WA0005  




Avenue of the Stars

After a lovely warm day basking in the sun we were ready to continue our day and actually make it to The Avenue.

Retracing our steps and walking along the harbour towards The Avenue you will find that there are a few people offering to take photographs for you. Once taken they let you choose the size you want and they print them out, obviously this is a paid service. Once you get to the official start of The Avenue there is this large statue, very difficult to take photographs of due to the plethora of photobombers.


We walked the entire Avenue and while it was fun do not expect too much from it. There are tons of stars, keep an eye out for the ones with handprints in them, there are also really funky statues along the path. There are not too many of these but it’s still pretty fun.

20150913_172005     20150913_165557

Now I am not sure if this happens to all foreigners or if it only happens to those of us who look very odd. S is super pale with platinum blonde hair and tatts, you don’t see that combination very often and at the time I had super (almost shocking) red hair so we made quite an impression on the mainlanders who were visiting. To the extent where we were taking photos and posing for each other, having a great laugh, when we caught the mainlanders taking pics of us. We did have this really sweet group who wanted us in their pictures and the fastest way to get them to leave was to just stand and smile. They found us later on and asked us for a group photo as well. It was really funny, I have never had so many people taking photo’s of me. Also very awkward!

I am looking forward to redoing The Avenue with a darling friend who will (hopefully) be visiting. This time though I think I will go for sunset and have us do The Avenue at night when it is supposed to be really lovely.

Has anyone been to the Avenue at night or does anyone have a suggestion for a day outing there? 






HK Harbour

A little while ago S and I went off to explore the Harbour at TST. The plan was to spend our Sunday walking The Avenue of the Stars and so we headed in the general direction. As usual  we decided to not check on the exact directions. Lets be honest though, so far this has worked wonders for us. We meandered down the street in the general direction of the harbour following the ever faulty google maps navigator.

Now just before you get to the beginning of The Avenue you will come across a big dome. It looks very intriguing but actually wasnt. However as we headed towards it with curiosity we did find 1. The Avenue and 2. The Hong Kong Museum of art, which seems to be in the process of moving as it was closed and had a large sign. Now my favourite thing here were these large wooden statues that reminded me a lot of my big sisters final year sculptures. 

20150913_151425 20150913_151700   20150913_152354          20150913_152703

20150913_153353We spent  a bit of time playing around here and then continued our20150913_153459 trek to the right of sculptures, we were following the music we could hear. Boy did we stumble upon something fantastic! They were having some big dance competition or rather, dance battle, going on here. We were at the cultural centre and there were judges and contestants as well as the fluctuating audience.

We watched one or two of the ‘battles’ and then continued our trek,20150913_154547we wanted a great view of the skyline and we found it. They have this platform area with places to sit and relax which happens to have an amazing view of the harbour. While walking along this we looked down and noticed this wondrous spectacle, a Lantern Sculpture for the Mid-Autumn festival (we found this out later.)

The harbour seems to be another area where people gather on a Sundays. We walked down the stairs of the platform for a closer look at the lanterns and found many people. There were two kids who were attempting to sketch pieces of the display, they were doing a remarkable job. There were selfies,kids playing and families chatting and under the platform there were more families, on blankets.

There were Junk boats loading and off loading, a pirate ship that stopped for passengers and some actresses from the theatre nearby.There was sun and life and so much laughter, I loved it! The best part of it was the ocean smell, it reminded me of home and my amazing family. While you cannot spend an entire day at the harbour, you can definitely spend some time relaxing there before you hit The Avenue.

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