Intermediate Phonics update :)


Ooh update time on my Intermediate boys! We now have a new girl in the class, Timmie, She has missed the first four blends as well as the vowels that we so she is super behind.

Timmie really tries, she works very hard and listens well. At first she struggled a lot with pretty much everything and played around a little too much in class but since then she has knuckled down. The boys were not happy when she joined the class, in fact they were super hostile when she did her trial lesson, dragging their chairs as far from her as possible and clinging onto me even more.


The boys have started putting their head on my lap when they are not feeling well, I allow them to for a few minutes but then they have sit up nicely and work. I have managed to wean them off having to always be holding onto me. However, I get  a lot of make-up students in  this class and whenever this happens the boys close ranks around me and wont let any one else near me. 

So Joseph is finally showing some improvement, I am going super slow with the spelling though but at this stage it seems to be the only thing helping him learn. Timmie shows good work verbally but as soon as its time for working in the book her abilities go splat.I think they are all improving but it seems to be very inconsistent at the moment. 

The boys are even more competitive now and make sure that there are always big folders between the three kids while doing any book work. It’s hilarious! 


Intermediate Phonics :D


Joseph and Bruce

I have a new Intermediate Phonics class! I am a little worried about them though. Bruce is a very strong student, he can mostly spell and is able to do all the work with only a little guidance, but he cannot say or recognise his A’s correctly. He was taught to say them with the U sound, so now I have to try to re-train him and teach him A for Apple not Upple.

We are on C blends at the moment. So CA,CO and CU, which is a little different to BA,BE,BI,BO and BU. Joseph is definitely struggling here, he cannot spell at all, he cannot recognise vowels very easily nor his letters. Apparently he was pushed through to Intermediate Phonics, which could be the problem. The boys are very sweet, a little too clingy for me though. They love holding onto my hands or onto my arms while I am sitting next to them, so cute but also not so much.

We laugh a lot in the class up unto the spelling tests, then it’s more of a “Joseph he look at my book,” or ‘Bruce he look at me.” So I end up putting my big folder in between them, Bruce invariable doesn’t need a lot of help so I have to really focus on Joseph here. I’m hoping as we get further on he will start getting it.

I have decided to do the same thing with my boys as I am doing with the beginner classes. They just have to spell out two letter to the sound not one and they have to read over the pages twice for the moment. They love reading, which is great for me as I love it too.

Bruce always wants his picture to be Green Number 1 Super fast lightning McQueen and then Joseph wants to be Green Number one car/plane/helicopter. As long as there is a green number one and I give them lots of stars my two boys are happy 🙂




Beginner Phonics A Update :)


Oh my the little creatures are doing so well in Beginner Phonics!

We are now on H and they have flown through the work. I will not push them onto big and small letters in one lesson yet but I think at the start of the new book I will try. Vowels, osh these are going well now but they do struggle with A and E a lot. I’m a little nervous on I but hopefully they have a strong enough foundation on E that it should be ok.


Ivan has really improved! He still has some lessons where he doesn’t really work much without prompting but he is doing well. He mostly joins with the singing and all the beginning work, he really enjoys screaming out the letters and sounds!

Ivana has really come out of her shell and is semi screaming the songs now. She works really hard and is really having fun in class. She also screams out the letters when I ask for the ‘spelling’ of them.

Ivania is even more boisterous than she was but she listens really well. She continues to sing loudly and have fun with all the work.

Finally Mikki, She was doing really well and out of shell for a while.For the last few lessons though something has definitely changed. She is very uncomfortable in her own skin and while she will still sing and joke around most of the time its not all the time any more.

These kids really are awesome, I love teaching them. We have all settled into a routine that they love and which is really helping keep them in balance. We make sure to have fun but when I say enough and that we have to work, the kids all try calm down and start to work.


I’m getting closer to my few days leave around Christmas which means I am super worried about what mess the subs will do in my classes. I know, this sounds really mean but honestly I have seen how they teach the kids and they couldn’t care less. They don’t even teach the sounds correctly, everyone does it their way which means the kids can no longer differentiate between A and U.Its a nightmare, but luckily only one or two days that they will have my phonics classes, so hopefully not too much damage will be done.