About Chat Room :)

Chat Rooms will be different in each learning center as they will all have their own way of doing things.But to give you a general idea of how a chat room could go, keep reading.

Chat rooms are about teaching the younger kids some basic vocabulary, letting them have fun and being a glorified babysitter at times. The kids ages for Chat Room are usually 2-5 at the oldest, usually by 5 the parents are trying to put them into Phonics classes.

I usually spend some time playing with them while getting their names on the board and then singing a few songs. My kids love 5 Little Monkeys, The Wheels on the bus (with my improvements hehe) ABC and the newly improved Head Shoulders.We also have table time where we complete book work and do some colouring and then I do sticker time because I make them come up two at a time and we do a book.

During December we did a whole bunch of crafts during the week, some of which were yummy and some were just sticky messes. Overall the crafts and science idea that we get are not always young child friendly, sometimes the curriculum planners do not think about the ages of the kids and we tend to go a little rogue then 🙂