Escapades with Aylene Day 1


  Mid-level and shopping extravaganza 22 Feb

In February I had a friend visit for a few days. She had just had her 18th birthday and was celebrating in style with a trip to Hong Kong.

After getting up super early to take the bus to the airport (Bus A21)and fetch my dearest Aylene I found her easily enough. Thank goodness she is a smart cookie and put her phone on to get the airport WiFi! Unfortunately she has a Gluten intolerance so we had to try find places that she could eat at and that wouldn’t make her sick. In HK that seems to be a bit of a tricky one.

Our first port of call was to get home and find a place to go for breakfast. I found this really interesting looking restaurant, called the Green Waffle, online and so we grabbed our stuff and headed to Central. We trekked up a long hill, then stairs and I’m sure there was another hill, to eventually find it hidden away. It was closed. I cannot express the hunger we were feeling at this stage.

We were near the Mid-levels escalators and since I hadn’t actually made the trek myself yet we decided to head that way and find a restaurant. We found several, can I just say that I officially love Mid-Levels for the amazing amount of interesting restaurants we found! Eventually our hunger got the better of us so after buying a China Mobile Sim and having it activated we opted for an Italian restaurant around the corner from the 7-eleven,on the second last level (at the top), and we were treated to a very yummy pizza, one with a gluten free base.


Italians now best

We walked up and down and all around mid-levels, finding some very strange and also some very wonderful little shops. One of which was a Vera Wang store, I finally see the appeal and wish I could have had my sister Missa with so she could try on a few dresses!

The Wang store

We then headed down again and shopped and shopped and shopped a little more. I’d like to say only Aylene shopped but I have to admit I did have one or two buys of my own that day. Central is definitely a hive of shopping troves and Aylene found an awesome coat, it was still super cold and wet here.

Most of the day was then spent looking at present options and finding a place for dinner.

 Graffiti wall 20160222_131702


To The Peak


Getting to the Peak:

Take the MTR to Central then Bus 15 to the Peak. Here you can decide if you want to use the tram, take a taxi or even a bus.

Finding bus 15 from Central MTR

The peak directions

Take exit A, turn right and make sure you are not on Des Voux road. You need to be on the road Parallel to Des Voux, Its big and doesn’t have road pedestrian crossings. look left and right then decide which crossing you want to take and grab the escalators up, cross over and go down again.

For a full list of the different options to get up to the Peak have a look here: The Peak

Laughter is the best medicine

Today I had a new trial child in chat room, he didn’t listen to instructions very well.
we were a semi-big class with I think 6 students in it. Oscar and Dickson had started to find it highly entertaining to have me lie on the floor and move my legs around while I played dead, this was during Chinese New year when it was just the three of us.
They tried the same thing today. I told them all to not jump, so no one tried to jump over me. That is until the new boy, who didn’t know that Miss Heather is very strict, tried to jump over me. Believe me, tried is the operative word.
At this stage Oscar and the rest had been pushing me and working together to try roll me onto my side, they partially succeeded. The Trial boy jumped as they got me on my side, his foot hooked and he fell forward onto his knees a little, thankfully my class rules and the way I set everything up allows for as much safety as one can have with little uns. He had his head under the little white board and instead of crawling out then lifting up his head, he lifted it up and knocked it.
As soon as he fell I was laughing, I knew he was ok! I am not that much of a monster 🙂  Then he did that and the only thing could think of was to laugh and to make him laugh so he didn’t start screaming.It was really funny and with a lot of hugs and laughs he was perfectly fine afterwards. I really shouldn’t have laughed so much afterwards, but I couldn’t help myself. 
It’s laugh or cry some days.