A Princess, a frog and a Queen


Today my kiddies classroom antics were just plain cute, I had a princess in class, she was dressed in full court attire. No one knew who she was nor what she was doing in my classroom. We started my usual classroom routine when suddenly our owner knocks on the door and pops in with my dear Queena. I was busy with a little girl who was still shy so I didn’t even stop to hear what was going on and just had the little one sit down and kept going with my class. Queenas’ mom came in with her for a second to say hi and then left.

The little princess was not too happy with one of my boys, my little froggie, he kept trying to talk to her and get her attention but she just huffed and puffed in her corner. She gets a little jealous at times and with Queena coming into class she was very jealous which lead to a little more huffing.

Queena sat so super quietly in her corner and didn’t make a noise. She literally just say and followed any instructions I gave her, which was not normal as she usually giggled in my classes, but then she was in a class with different children and she is super shy.

About 10minutes into our lesson the admin came in after finally figuring out who the princess was. They told me her name and so class continued, with a huffing princess, an annoyed froggie and my quiet Queena. At the end of class I found out that she refused to go into her makeup lesson and would only go into a class with me in it, so her mom said chat room was fine.

It was really heart warming to know that she actually liked my lessons and not only was she learning phonics but her mom told me she had made friends with the kids outsides of class. Awesome!



Aylene Escapades Day 7

 Stanley, a junk and some flashy lights

I wont say much about Stanley, there is after all only so much one can say about it.Today was the first day that I went to Stanley Plaza,we grabbed the usual bus (have a look at Stanley directions) and got off at the plaza stop this time. We walked down some escalators and found ourselves by this lovely ‘love’ wall’! Obviously this meant more photos and then taking a few moments to just enjoy the view. Afterwards we took a mad dash to find something to drink, with caffeine preferably.I headed in to MacD’s (longest queue of my life!!!) and Ay got hot coffee at Starbucks, then we meandered. We saw a girl doing weird and awesome Yoga poses for photo’s and we got to see some wonderful sun.

After our meander through the plaza towards the boat dock we then turned our attention to the market. Ay was thirsty after we saw some people walking around with straws poking out of coconuts, so we went and got one. I decided to try it as well and realised that I definitely do not like coconut juice, definitely! We were on a shopping mission, well to be fair it was more of an intelligence gathering mission. Ay did buy a little something for herself which was really pretty and looked great on, but mostly we just wanted to compare with Ladies market.


After a few hours of insane heat we decided it was time to head back as we still wanted to get to TST in time for the light show. Ay had discovered this cute restaurant at the Harbour on her exploring day, so she took me there for dinner. it was really cute, but as with many restaurants in Hong Kong there was a lot of poor planning involved. One has to order the food first then only find a table. Often you are left standing holding your food and just hoping someone doesn’t steal a table from you.

We ended up not taking a Junk for the light show, it would have been such a waste! The light show is ok, but to be honest I dont think I would want to waste my money on taking the Aqua lunar junk for it. We watched the show and then had enough of it so we headed down to the dock for the boat we were taking. It was pretty awesome getting on the Junk, spacious comfy seating at the top and one free drink. We spent an hour of comfort chatting away and enjoying the experience. The boat was stunning and it has a comfy feel to it.

When my sister visits I will definitely take her on one, but this time I want to do the island one instead.

We headed home in happy exhaustion, knowing that tomorrow would be our last day to see everything she wanted to see.