Oh Bosco….


The terror has returned to class.

After many months of a poor Bosco getting bullied by his teacher and finally failing out of beginner he has been moved to a different class.


Apparently I am the go to teacher for troubled children. With nowhere else to go, Kelvs and I decided that he could join my late night kids who needed a little extra firmness. This upped that class to 5 as my extra late nights.

So now he is in my class,for good. On the bright side ever since I put the law down he has slowly started to behave better. Also, my kids are acting as police for me because they don’t want to be punished for his bad behaviour.

He finishes his writing a lot faster than the rest of the kids so I let him colour in pictures or draw them. Today It was batman, who is apparently all black,without any other colours.

Today, ah today, Bosco decided that it would be a good idea to not want to write his spelling test and to disturb little Riston while bopping up and down. Risley and Wai Ming really wanted stickers so they both turned around and looked at him saying “STOP!” Which gave Bosco a fright and sent me into quiet giggles, the boys then proceeded to tell Bosco that he is a naughty boy and mustn’t become a bad boy.

How would he become a bad boy you ask, well apparently if they didn’t get their stickers because of him then he would be a bad boy and would not be allowed to talk to them anymore.

I really had to work at not laughing by this stage, the look of shock on Boscos’ face was priceless. He picked up his pencil looked at me, said “sorry” and waited for the next spelling.



Perfect Spellings

We have been working really hard for the past few months on spellings, my intermediate kids and I. We have been working on the system I started with Ivan and it has made a huge difference in the kids confidence and spelling abilities. We have been fixing our spelling words as we go along,helping them hear their mistakes and giving them the options to fix the mistakes.

Today for the first time they all got 10/10 for their spellings. Each and everyone of them. All 6 kids.

They didn’t even need me to say check your vowels. They did it all themselves this time.

I am elated. In fact elated doesn’t even cover it. I know next lesson may have them needing guidance again, but the fact that they have gotten this far and even once didn’t need my help. Just wow.

What a day ? Proud teacher alert!

Tears in class

Today was a really good lesson for Ivana’s class. They were blending beautifully with me on the board and trying super hard at the bookwork. The girls did great on the spelling and have gotten better at accepting mistakes as we fix them as we go along.

Apparently Ivan is not doing well with the mistakes idea. For some reason he seems to think that it is the worlds worst thing. Today he made a mistake and struggle to fix it so we were going to move on and do it later but he refused point blank to move on. He actually started crying because I wanted to get moving. With those heart breaking cries of course I then had to hug him and slowly went over the word with him. The girls were trying to help him as well and were trying to comfort him by saying look we also got some wrong.

It was so cute and I am glad that everything I have taught them over the last few months. It was really adorable so I actually gave them extra monkey stamps as a reward.

GracePie returns


Recently one of our old students returned to us. She was one of my favourite little kids last year. She was so much smaller the last time I saw her, but still had the cute little smile.

There had been a definite shift in chatrooms just before summer. The chat rooms were getting calmer and dare I say it: easier to manage or maybe they have just started listening to the instructions better. I’m not sure which one but I can say it had helped with our 9 kid chatrooms.

Now the only class that was still a little trying was miss Vivians class. Vivian is the little girl who loves attention, silently cries until you let her sit on your lap and always wants hugs. In comes Grace for a few chatrooms, used to having all the attention and she was not happy.

Now Grace is adorable but has acquired a new need for attention. To the extent that when Vivian got attention she had to have it as well.  Between Grace and Vivian a little war was growing, who could get the most attention.

Now the last few  weeks Grace has joined a Cambridge class, her war with Vivian is over because Vivian is no longer around but the problem is she isn’t getting the attention she wants. Being a smart cookie she has realised that if she starts crying before class she will get the attention from whichever teacher is nearest. Well that is until I told them all to put a stop to it. Clever little girl now starts crying in class and then the teacher has to give her attention.

Oooosh what shall they do with the little girl now?

Oh My Lady Gaga

I was happily writing on the board one day only to make a mistake by writing and A instead of E and up chirps with OH my Lady Gaga.


I burst out laughing, the kids burst out laughing and for the rest of the lesson all anyone could do was make mistakes then say Oh my Lady Gaga. It made such a big impression that to this day lil Jennifer still uses it.

The Disappearing Eraser

Today Doris joined Emily’s Intermediate class for a makeup lesson. Leo had a bunch of cute yellow face erasers. He was super proud of them, which was cute, while we were waiting for the rest of laa to show up he took them out and proceeded to show me each one.

A few minutes later class began and so did the usual chaos of having a makeup kid, singing and talking and laughing ensued for the allotted time.When it was time for board work I used the big boards for a change. I got several silly responses such as “ Why miss Heather”, “But No No Miss Heather”.

Once boardwork was  going I had to tell Doris several times to stop playing, which made my kids upset. The next moment Doris started fighting with Leo, saying he stole one of her erasers. Now I knew Leo wasn’t a thief and that it was most probably that Doris just wanted one of his or had lost it before class.

Either way as I had counted the erasers with him and we did a thorough search of the class we couldn’t find it. She eventually gave in and I took away 3 stars for lying. The whole time Leo was near tears and the poor boy was trying to prove to her that she made a mistake. I don’t tolerate that in my class so she got into a lot of trouble

Unfortunately for Doris it left a very unfavourable first impression on the rest of the kids in the class. To this day when they see her the other 3 kids treat her with politeness and no more.

Even though it was a bad first class impression Doris and I get along very well now, she no longer lies and apologised for it. It seems as if she had lost it before but was too scared to tell her mom L 🙁

Karen and the scream that could wake the desiccated.

Shortly before Summer we had a student join us called Karen. Very smart, her English was strong and she could be very cute, if she liked you.

Luckily she liked Lindi and I otherwise things would have gotten very difficult.

One day she turned up to chat room as usual and I was teaching next door as per usual. She had her usual teacher and everything was normal. I started my class with Ems we started singing and everything was going smoothly.
I jumped out of my skin, my kids and all the kids in the center got a fright. The poor teacher she was with got the fright of her life. The screaming continued until the admin managed to get her out.
She had entered class, sat on a chair and seemed fine until the screaming started. From her chair. For no reason.

We thought that ok this was an isolated incident, she was having a bad day.
She returned on Wednesday for Lindi’s chatroom and everything was fine, she had fun, did her work and it all went well.
Thursday comes and she’s in Camerons class, she enters the class, sits down, and suddenly MOMMMMMMMMA, MAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAA, MAAMMMMMMMA.

Friday with Cormac, she sits down quietly and the class starts. Names are on the board, singing is going smoothly and then MOMMMMMMMMA, MAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAA, MAAMMMMMMMA.

Monday was my day off, so I didn’t get to see..wait let’s rephrase that..I didn’t get hear the delicate tones but boy did I hear about them later. Karen appeared in Lisas class and yes, you guessed it, MOMMMMMMMMA, MAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAA, MAAMMMMMMMA. Apparently this time she didn’t make it to her seat.
By Tuesday they switched her to my class for the first time. She came in, laughed, smiled sat down and didn’t scream. Not even once.

Wednesday they decided she was just being difficult and must be over her issues. This time she was put into Cormacs chat room, guess what…… MOMMMMMMMMA, MAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAA, MAAMMMMMMMA. She hadn’t even finished walking into the classroom. Didn’t make it to her chair, and with no reason nor warning the screaming began.

This went on for a few more days, until her mom decided to rearrange all chatrooms so that they were with Lindi and I.It got to the point where whenever the admin saw her we would just all go MAAMMMMMMA and have a good giggle over it.

MOMMMMMMMMA, MAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAA, MAAMMMMMMMA was so loud that you could hear it outside.