It’s been a few weeks now with the new chat room kid.I’m sure at home he is a great kid. We Just can’t Get past the crying. It’s not I’m sad crying, I want mom crying or I’m scared crying.

It is literally I am a brat and I don’t want to be here so let me cry and cry as loud as I can and run to the door acting as if the room was on fire.

The first student we have ever had like this, the only one that none of us like and the first time I have just given up and sent a kid out for an entire lesson.After 3 weeks of crying in everyone’s classes we haven’t had a chance to get work done and our only solution is to take our admin Charlotte and have her sit in class.

Thankfully that solution worked for as long as he was here, more importantly he now returns to class and hardly ever cries! Only took him 4months.

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