Oh My Lady Gaga

I was happily writing on the board one day only to make a mistake by writing and A instead of E and up chirps with OH my Lady Gaga.


I burst out laughing, the kids burst out laughing and for the rest of the lesson all anyone could do was make mistakes then say Oh my Lady Gaga. It made such a big impression that to this day lil Jennifer still uses it.

Dragon boat Festival 20/06/15


Lets start with direction . if you want to know how to get to Stanley look here: Getting to Stanley

We had a break in June for the Dragon boat Festival at Stanley beach. It was one day, but that one day makes the world of difference in a long week.

I was looking forward to a day at the beach and having a blast. We took the MTR to Wan Chai and were supposed to take a bus to Stanley. We had walk around a bit to try find the bus, and then we were going in the wrong direction for the Stanley bus apparently so we turned around to go in the other direction. It’s not very well-marked, I suggest looking up the exact directions before you head off. We eventually found someone who showed us where to go and the line for the bus was incredibly long! We decided to rather just take a taxi and split it between the three of us, while this worked eventually it took us forever to find a taxi, let alone one that stopped and would take us to Stanley.

The route was lovely, winding roads and greenery all around us. We saw the ocean, not that hard to do in Hong Kong, but it was still rather stunning. When we were close the taxi driver asked us if he could drop us on the main road and not take us all the way down as the road was now seriously congested. After paying him we started walking down the road and down the hill. We found a path to the beach and took a stroll towards it, slowly realising just how busy the beach was. S and A took off their shoes and walked through the water in the sweltering heat. We got closer to where the boat races actually were and started looking for a place to sit down .

DSCN0748 DSCN0796


This did not happen; we ended up standing in the water to try stay cool. We were on the side close to the starting point and had teams warming up all around us. There was also this really annoying family, they let their sons swim up to the boats and try to touch them. Firstly it’s a race, so that’s just wrong and secondly they were paying so little attention to their kids that they are just lucky other people were! The one boy hit his head against one of the boats but he didn’t learn his lesson.


After about an hour or two of this we had enough and went for a walk to Stanley market and some food. It was incredibly hot, we were getting sun burnt and had resorted to hiding under our ever trust umbrellas. We found this fabulous restaurant called The Cave and went in to cool off in the glorious air con. We were so hot that at first even the much cooler temperature did nothing, it took standing in front of the drinks fridge for me to actually feel human again. Once you ordered and paid for your food you could grab a seat, there was not a lot of seating available but we managed to grab the last 3 spots and then just took it in turns to get our food. Luckily S managed to find something to eat there.

We took a long time to walk through the market, it is big and has some really stunning stuff and then it also has the usual touristy stuff. I am planning on going back to buy some Christmas presents there. We then walked towards the amphitheatre and found that they had some special stores set up there as well. I found some amazing jewellery there and will be visiting the actual stores soon!


We didn’t stay past 5pm as A had dinner plans and we were all really tired. I’m not sure if there ended up being a big party or celebration, apparently there was going to be.

On our way back we managed to find the big bus easily enough, poor S almost got sick on it. We saw an old lady hurl into a packet in her bag, she looked so miserable I felt so sorry for her! The bus was driving at a normal speed but on the windy roads it did not feel great!

We were told that if you go to Stanley to watch you have to go early to find a spot and that the roads were too full and insane. Now while it was busy and if we had planned on sitting on the beach all day going early would have been a good idea, but the roads were fine and we were not stuck in traffic once.

Overall I enjoyed the day but I would rather have gone later in the afternoon than as early as we did. According to the websites and info the races stopped at 1pm but we still heard them going at about 4pm.