Oh Bosco….


The terror has returned to class.

After many months of a poor Bosco getting bullied by his teacher and finally failing out of beginner he has been moved to a different class.


Apparently I am the go to teacher for troubled children. With nowhere else to go, Kelvs and I decided that he could join my late night kids who needed a little extra firmness. This upped that class to 5 as my extra late nights.

So now he is in my class,for good. On the bright side ever since I put the law down he has slowly started to behave better. Also, my kids are acting as police for me because they don’t want to be punished for his bad behaviour.

He finishes his writing a lot faster than the rest of the kids so I let him colour in pictures or draw them. Today It was batman, who is apparently all black,without any other colours.

Today, ah today, Bosco decided that it would be a good idea to not want to write his spelling test and to disturb little Riston while bopping up and down. Risley and Wai Ming really wanted stickers so they both turned around and looked at him saying “STOP!” Which gave Bosco a fright and sent me into quiet giggles, the boys then proceeded to tell Bosco that he is a naughty boy and mustn’t become a bad boy.

How would he become a bad boy you ask, well apparently if they didn’t get their stickers because of him then he would be a bad boy and would not be allowed to talk to them anymore.

I really had to work at not laughing by this stage, the look of shock on Boscos’ face was priceless. He picked up his pencil looked at me, said “sorry” and waited for the next spelling.



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