Aylene Escapades Day 3

Day 3, Shoo this was a busy day!

We managed to leave the house a little earlier today so that we could trek out to the Big Buddha. We took the MTR and switched lines to Tung Chung, where we happily found a Starbucks waiting for us. The train felt like it took forever today, we had seats at least which was fun and relaxing.

We waited in a super long line to buy some tickets and decided on the crystal cabin up but the normal one down. For future reference I don’t think I want to wait in the line to leave Big Buddha. Ngong Ping 360 has several ticket choices and for more info have a look here: Ngong Ping 360 or if you feel like bargain hunting Klook normally has specials of $15 or more off.


The gloomy day…exiting the MTR

The Crystal Cabin: It is awesome to see through the floor and watch yourself go up but it is really not that amazing. It has a large price extra on it and while its cool for a one way trip I wouldn’t waste my ‘holiday’ money on a trip down as well. The really snazzy benefit of it is that the line is usually much much much shorter so sometimes it may actually be worth it.


Ngong Ping Village: My idea of a village goes to a the idea of an Ovambo or even Zulu village. Ngong Ping is less like that and not really a village at all. No one lives there but there are food places and shops. The prices here are a little crazy for souvenirs, so don’t rush into buying, you can find a lot of the things from up there in Stanley and Ladies Market. They have a yummy Subway at the top and a tea house that has demonstrations for the flowering tea, there is also a 7-eleven and for some reason a stand that sells Nutcrakers.

We didnt spend too much time in the village as we were eager to see the Buddha! the walk to the Buddha was very interesting, there are dogs roaming around and cows as well. Walking towards Buddha and the Monastery you can walk on the path with the warriors lining the path.



Statues by Buddha


The walk up the stairs is tiring but don’t be lazy, walk up the stairs and just enjoy the view. The amount of tourists can be tiring, I suppose we are tourists as well


Hello Buddha

but we take pics and go, the tourists here take a pic and stay to take 500 more in the exact same pose. We stayed up there a while for the peace and the view but then the hunger got the better of us so we headed  down towards the Monastery and the food there.



Vegetarian food is usually ok, I’m a carnivore at heart but I have enjoyed vegetarian food.The food that I had there was not the greatest, it didn’t help that my food choices are so limited in general to avoid all the spicy and pepper foods. We tried the food and left it to the side, it was not good.


Vegetarian gourmet

We eventually left The Buddha and Ngong Ping because it had started to get chilly and grey. We ended up waiting in the line for the cable car, waiting and waiting and waiting. Did I mention the waiting, it was painful and tiring and we couldn’t wait to get back to the MTR!

We took the orange line all the way to the HK MTR station and walked out to the Big Observatory Wheel. It looked like an awesome idea so we decided to go on it.

The Observatory Wheel: What a lovely view! its was about $100 for a 15 minute ride and the view was spectacular. They play soft music and it’s all blue and very stable! We switched sides for different views and it hardly rocked at all, maybe a light shake but its to be expected as we were rather high up at the time.


We then decided to go to dinner at this amazing Greek place near the top of Mid-Levels escalators and grabbed a taxi. The problem came in when we wanted to go to the races and thought that a bus would be a good idea. It would have been, if we could have found the annoying bus stop! We walked around for ages, it seems to be a theme on this trip.

We ran into two German guys who were being hilarious and had to get rid of them so we could grab a taxi. I’m so glad that we decided on the taxi, SO SO SO glad! We got free entrance at Happy Valley and went for the wine and beer. We watched two races and then decided enough was enough. Instead of taking a taxi back we went on a tram and I made Aylene  navigate us home, with a little nudge or two from me.20160224_214444

We made it back to Admiralty and found ourselves having another build your own burger..,.To be fair it was the easiest and yummiest burger for Aylene to eat as she could have it without the bun. But yes we had far too much Mac D’s.

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