Buses in Macau


Ok So before I go into what I did in Macau let us have a look at the different buses and the routes. 

I got most of this information from http://www.chinatouristmaps.com.

Macau Bus lines cover almost all the attractions and hotels on the Macau Peninsular and the main tourist spots. The bus routes operate on a one-way circuit around the city. You must have the exact coins before getting on a bus. For the trip within the Macau Peninsular, the fare is 2.5 MOP$.

Bus Nos. 21, 21A, 25, 26 and 26A run between the Macau Peninsular and islands of Taipa and Coloane
Bus Nos. 11, 22, 28A, 33 and 34 run between the Macau Peninsular and island of Taipa.
API is a special line plying between the Macau International Airport on the island of Taipa and the Macau Peninsular

For detailed bus route info of TRANSMAC, please click busroute

Have a look at the map,it highlights the locations of all tourist attractions with pictures and hotels, streets.

For a larger version click:maps