To The Peak


Getting to the Peak:

Take the MTR to Central then Bus 15 to the Peak. Here you can decide if you want to use the tram, take a taxi or even a bus.

Finding bus 15 from Central MTR

The peak directions

Take exit A, turn right and make sure you are not on Des Voux road. You need to be on the road Parallel to Des Voux, Its big and doesn’t have road pedestrian crossings. look left and right then decide which crossing you want to take and grab the escalators up, cross over and go down again.

For a full list of the different options to get up to the Peak have a look here: The Peak

Getting to LKF



MTR to Central

Exit D2 and turn left, walk along  the road. Turn left into Theatre Lane, and up D’Aguilar Street.


The MTR generally runs to half past 12 at night and starts at half past 5 in the morning; so if you leave too late take a taxi or look for a green minibus at the bottom of the main street. (down the hill look to your left)




Getting to Monkey Mountain from Mong Kok


We took the MTR from Yau Ma Tai to Cheung Sha Wan and then bus 72. You will need to take the Tseun Wan line (red line).

We got of at exit A3 but I would suggest taking exit A2 as you can see.

Cheung wan to the bus

By bus:

You can take bus 81 anywhere along Nathan Road from Jordan Road onwards. Check out the bus stops and look for the correct number. We got dropped off at the stop by Mong Kok Station. You may have to try out several bus stop before you find the one servicing 81.But make sure that you are on the correct side of the road! Bus 'map'

On the right is an image I took of the bus stop we were at. it shows where you are and which way the bus will go.

Get off at the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir stop just before the bridge. Check out the KMB website for further information.


To reach the park from the road, follow the access road next to the toilet block. It will take you down to the southern end of Kowloon Reservoir from where you can join  one of the various smaller walks.                    IMG_1852 IMG_1843







We had our first Taxi ride last night. Well technically I guess it was this morning, after all we danced the night away at LKF.

If you are wondering there are tax’s everywhere, in LKF at any rate. Finding taxi’s in other areas may not be nearly as easy. So be prepared for some patience and learning the different buses!

Grabbing a taxi was relatively easy actually. Giving directions was a little trickier, I gave the address that we needed but my very drunk roomie A kept trying to give the exact address which was no use to the driver. So the poor guy was getting super confused with me trying to get her to keep quiet and S laughing at the whole situation, while trying to tell him the street address. To be fair at this stage I was confused as to what exactly I had told him so gave him the MTR station instead. As we got closer I remembered the street name we needed and I gave that to the driver.

The total fare from LKF to Mong Kok was about HKD 110 split 3 ways which was not too bad.

The driver spoke broken English, drove fast but I didn’t feel like I was going to die, which was a bonus 🙂 I will probably use a taxi again, but with friends as it was pricey if you just pay for yourself.

Something to note, try give them the street names and area. This seems to help a lot and tell them to take the cheapest route. Often that involves going through the tunnel so they will add on the tunnel charge to the end total on the metre.

For more info on the Taxi’s have a look here: