Avenue of the Stars

After a lovely warm day basking in the sun we were ready to continue our day and actually make it to The Avenue.

Retracing our steps and walking along the harbour towards The Avenue you will find that there are a few people offering to take photographs for you. Once taken they let you choose the size you want and they print them out, obviously this is a paid service. Once you get to the official start of The Avenue there is this large statue, very difficult to take photographs of due to the plethora of photobombers.


We walked the entire Avenue and while it was fun do not expect too much from it. There are tons of stars, keep an eye out for the ones with handprints in them, there are also really funky statues along the path. There are not too many of these but it’s still pretty fun.

20150913_172005     20150913_165557

Now I am not sure if this happens to all foreigners or if it only happens to those of us who look very odd. S is super pale with platinum blonde hair and tatts, you don’t see that combination very often and at the time I had super (almost shocking) red hair so we made quite an impression on the mainlanders who were visiting. To the extent where we were taking photos and posing for each other, having a great laugh, when we caught the mainlanders taking pics of us. We did have this really sweet group who wanted us in their pictures and the fastest way to get them to leave was to just stand and smile. They found us later on and asked us for a group photo as well. It was really funny, I have never had so many people taking photo’s of me. Also very awkward!

I am looking forward to redoing The Avenue with a darling friend who will (hopefully) be visiting. This time though I think I will go for sunset and have us do The Avenue at night when it is supposed to be really lovely.

Has anyone been to the Avenue at night or does anyone have a suggestion for a day outing there?