Tears in class

Today was a really good lesson for Ivana’s class. They were blending beautifully with me on the board and trying super hard at the bookwork. The girls did great on the spelling and have gotten better at accepting mistakes as we fix them as we go along.

Apparently Ivan is not doing well with the mistakes idea. For some reason he seems to think that it is the worlds worst thing. Today he made a mistake and struggle to fix it so we were going to move on and do it later but he refused point blank to move on. He actually started crying because I wanted to get moving. With those heart breaking cries of course I then had to hug him and slowly went over the word with him. The girls were trying to help him as well and were trying to comfort him by saying look we also got some wrong.

It was so cute and I am glad that everything I have taught them over the last few months. It was really adorable so I actually gave them extra monkey stamps as a reward.

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